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Inkjet Printing
We acquired new RISO HC5500 the world’s fastest inkjet sheet-fed printer, attention grabbing color to all of your everyday documents for less than what would spend on other color devices. HC5500 is one of the most environmentally friendly printing devices on the market. HC5500 inkjet printing process uses no heating or fusing mechanisms, the absence of heat and toner means there is little or no emissions.

At 120* pages per minute in full color with the HC5500, you can print in brilliant full color for almost the same cost per copy as black and white on other printers.

Listed below some inkjet printing items, short run and quick turnaround.
Listed below some laser printing items, short run and quick turnaround.
9_arrow.gif Business Cards
9_arrow.gif Letterhead
9_arrow.gif Envelopes (4”x6” to 12”x15”)
9_arrow.gif Postcards
9_arrow.gif Forms (2 to 5 part)
9_arrow.gif Labels
9_arrow.gif Brochures/Flyers
9_arrow.gif Newsletters
If you have a requirement and don't see it listed above just ask, we're here to provide solution’s to your print problems.